Possibilities of Madaster Partnership


Service Partnership

Builder, BIM modeller, architect, engineer, adviser? Become a Service Partner of Madaster and deliver your expertise to provide even better service to current and new customers in their transition toward the circular economy, in the construction, maintenance and demolition phases of their buildings. The Madaster Service Partnership will position your organisation towards a future of circular construction and value retention, and will also provide you with a large amount of knowledge about the impact of circularity, at an early stage. 


ZZP’ers, V.O.F. or small start-ups


Up to 50 employees


50 or more employees
Jaarlijkse partner bijdrage* € 2.000,- € 4.000,- € 7.500
Kick-off sessie
Open training Up to 2 employees p.a. Up to 5 employees p.a. Up to 10 employees p.a.
In house training 1 2
Business model workshop 1 1
Gratis extra m2 bij 1e enterprise licentie 50.000m2 100.000m2
Demo account
Madaster partner event
Klant event
Marketing & communicatie Basic** Premium*** Premium Plus****

*Annual partner contributions are exclusive of BTW 

Enterprise Licence

The Enterprise Licence provides full access to the Madaster Platform, enabling you to prepare dossiers and portfolios and generate material passports for your customers. In addition, you will be able to provide them with insight into the circular and financial value of a building or portfolio. As soon as the project is fnished, you transfer the building dossier in Madaster to your end customer. The Enterprise Licence is based on the number of active users and storage your organisation requires and is available only for non-owners of property.

Solution Partnership

Solution Partners provide software solutions that require a technical integration with the Madaster Platform. This link increases the added value of both solutions. Examples include the MPG (environmental performance) module integration, BIM 3D viewers, and an online market place. As a Solution Partner, your organisation is well on the way to utilising the potential of the Madaster Platform.

CHF 4'000.-

€ 2.000,-

Technical integration session
Open training
Demo account
Madaster partner event
Marketing & communication

* Contributions are exclusive of BTW 

Data Partnership

Data Partners provide data and services that enrich the Madaster Platform and enhance data reliability. The partners will not approach Madaster’s customers, directly. Examples of the data provided by Data Partners include financial, circular and material- and product-related data. 


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