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Madaster partners are companies that serve real estate owners such as constructors, developers, architects, advisors, engineers, banks, and demolishing companies. By using Madaster, partners can offer added value to their customers and increase customer satisfaction as well as competitive advantages.

Madaster is relevant for every phase during the real estate lifecycle and for every industry where real estate plays a role. Innovation and value add is the area for our partners. Together we go much faster. Madaster is the register where information about products and materials used in the built environment are being stored and enriched. Partners can build on this fundament and create their own added value for their customers.

In a circular economic model, we believe that a central register is key to serve organisations who realize that a change of our economic system is not only necessary but also something that is going to happen. Data availability is a precondition for innovation and transformation.

It is our goal to support and facilitate our partners in all thinkable ways to make them successful in the transition to a circular economy. For more details about the different partner programmes, please visit the partner possibilities.

Madaster has several Partner possibilities, depending on the type of organization.

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