Madaster Real Estate

Madaster offers you, as a private or business user, a central overview of all your real estate. In addition to providing insight into the materials and products in your building(s), the platform generates an up-to-date and detailed material passport of your property, gives insight in the degree of circularity of your building(s) and visualises the financial (residual) value of your real estate at the time of construction and demolition. All information is available online, securely and conveniently for you and, if desired, your internal and external relations.

The Madaster Platform is currently set up in such a way, that all buildings in the Netherlands can be accommodated. It is possible to register a building outside the Netherlands, provided the building is registered by a Dutch legal entity (Chamber of Commerce registration). Additionally, the files to be uploaded must meet a number of requirements.


For more information on Madaster, please phone +31 (0)85 065 7436, mail or fill out the contact form.