Development of Madaster

Over the coming years, the Madaster platform will be continuously enriched with new features and functions. Further to the improvement of existing functionality, Madaster will extend its product range, will enter new markets and industries, and will expand internationally. The development activities are plotted in our roadmap.

An example of the functionality that will be developed over the coming period, is the monetary and circular valuation of applied materials. Additionally, the platform will be extended to include new economic sectors:

  • Madaster for Infrastructure - focuses on the registration of materials used for roads, waterways and railways, cabling, airports, tunnels, pipes and art works. In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail and Alliander, Madaster is working on the design of a 'Madaster Infra learning environment' to investigate how data can be used for the realization of an online materials library, which should greatly simplify reuse.
  • Madaster Internationalisation - Madaster is currently exploring the possibilities to make the platform available abroad. The first adjustments for this will start at the end of this year.


For more information on Madaster, please phone +31 (0)85 065 7436, mail or fill out the contact form.