Madaster launches platform specially for students

De Groene Afslag, Laren – 16 March 2020 – Madaster launches an online educational environment for students to test the circularity of their building designs. From now on, students can use this Madaster platform to generate their own material passports. This allows them to gain a detailed insight into the circularity of the buildings and structures they have designed. 


Education often leads the way when it comes to innovation. Everywhere in the Netherlands, educational institutions are starting to integrate circularity, and scientific research into circular construction is in full swing. Increasingly often, practical applications of the theory are being requested. To answer this question, in particular, Madaster developed an online educational environment. Educational programmes and training courses that would like to use the Madaster edu-environment can create an account for their students. With this account, students can create and manage their files from a central location. Madaster offers the student environment at a reduced rate. In this way, students can bridge the gap between theory and practice and generate a material passport for their own designs and, for example, test the degree of circularity of those designs.


Raw materials are scarce and their availability is limited. In order to keep materials available indefinitely, they need to be documented so that they do not end up on the ever-increasing mountain of waste. In Madaster, materials and buildings are documented, similar to how land parcellation and landownership are registered in a land registry. From the Madaster platform, property owners can all generate a material passport for their buildings. The material, circular and financial information in a material passport offers individual homeowners, companies, government authorities and science a better insight into the management of materials within the built environment. The reuse of materials is made easier, smart designs are stimulated and waste will be eliminated.  

‘We need to change our habits and customs, today, if we are to guarantee the world of tomorrow. Students are that future world and, to present them with the latest technologies, Madaster created this online educational environment. With a simple licence, educational institutions around the world will be able to let their students experiment with circularity and prepare them for tomorrow's world.’ - Sander Beeks, Business Support at Madaster