Alfa-college first Dutch school to work with Madaster's educational platform

Hoogeveen — 27 March 2020 — The Alfa-college in Hoogeveen is the first Dutch educational institute to work with Madaster’s educational platform. Students of the MBO school (intermediate vocational education) are now able to inventory and assess the degree of circularity of existing buildings. The educational platform is a unique combination of learning and working in practice, with a focus on circularity. Education and the business community will both profit from this.

In its strategic policy, the Alfa-college has a clear vision of circularity, energy and sustainability. The phrase: ‘Together, we create more value for a better world’ is the basis for the approach to revitalise the building at the Voltastraat 33 in Hoogeveen. Because technical educational institutes also wanted to be closely involved in circular building, a project was started, in collaboration with N.I.C.E. (Noordelijk Innovatielab Circulaire Economie) and Hanze University of Applied Sciences, which was mainly about 'pioneering'. This also led to the desire to integrate Madaster's educational platform into the current educational programmes of several MBO schools and as part of a business course offered by the Alfa-college.

‘Applying Madaster’s educational platform for an actual project assignment connecting theory and practice is a wonderful learning format for students’. Alco Otten, teacher architecture at the Alfa-College.


Madaster has developed an online environment especially for educational purposes. Schools that would like to use Madaster’s educational environment can create an account for their students. With this account, students can create and manage their files from a central location. Madaster offers this student environment at a reduced rate. In this way, students can bridge the gap between theory and practice and generate a material passport for their own designs and, for example, test the degree of circularity of those designs.

‘The Alfa College understands better than anyone that endless processes of deliberation will not bring the circular economy any closer. We need to act and take the next step.’ Sander Beeks, Business Support at Madaster.


The Alfa-college is a Christian regional educational centre (ROC) with branches in Groningen, Hoogeveen and Hardenberg. At Alfa-college, we teach and educate our approximately 15,000 students to become self-aware people, be good citizens and good professionals. Together with our regional partners, we encourage our students and staff to contribute to a challenging learning environment, a strong region and a sustainable and just world. We provide intermediate vocational education, educational courses, business courses and tailor-made training courses.