Circular innovation: Swiss Madaster platform for real estate is launched

-    Use Madaster to plan and use buildings as material depots and cities as urban mines
-    Partner programme for innovative service solutions driving circular construction
-    Patrick Eberhard appointed president of Madaster Switzerland association 

Zürich, 1 July 2020 – Madaster is now available in Switzerland in both German and French. Owners of Swiss real estate can register their properties on the innovative cloud solution. Using the registered data, the platform creates Material Passports for buildings. These Passports show the financial and circular potential of a building’s registered materials and products. The solution is designed as an Open Data Platform and enables partners to integrate innovative solutions such as marketplaces and property evaluation. Marloes Fischer will be responsible for marketing as the managing director of Madaster Services Schweiz.

Now available in German and French, the Madaster platform considers construction waste as a resource, encouraging to close material cycles in the construction and real estate sector. The development of the Swiss platform is a result of the collaboration between leading Swiss stakeholders in the construction and real estate industry, and the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).  

The need to reduce construction waste and optimise the use of construction materials and products is now more important than ever. According to the FOEN, re-use and lifetime extension help ensure the success of Switzerland’s 2050 Climate Target and 2050 Energy Strategy. 

“We are excited that Switzerland is the first country where the platform is rolled out internationally. Thanks to our strategic partners in Switzerland, the construction and real estate sector is sending a clear signal for digital and circular innovation,” explains Thomas Rau, founder of Madaster 

“Our aim is to build new houses from old ones. This enables us to eliminate Switzerland’s largest waste stream in the long term. With Madaster, buildings are intended and used as material depots, and cities become urban mines,” emphasises Patrick Eberhard, from Eberhard Unternehmungen and one of the first partners to join Madaster Switzerland. 

Marloes Fischer will be responsible for developing the market in Switzerland. She will focus on property owners to register their buildings and create a partner network with industry. Companies joining the Madaster Partner Programme will be able to offer circularity in their construction and real estate services. 

Functionalities of the Madaster platform

Real estate owners can use the platform to register their buildings. Product and material data will be stored, structured and visualised. This digital dossier helps to ensure transparency of information relating to all building features across the building's lifecycle. By combining external data sources and using data analytics, the building information is compiled into a Material Passport. This passport can be used for example to provide information on the treatment of construction waste or to identify the value of the material. 

Real estate owners can make innovative business decisions with Madaster. The financial index calculates the value of materials and products and enables long-term value preservation.  The circularity index (CI) shows the degree of circularity of buildings and building layers for the construction and use phase, as well as at the end of their service life, and allows for a more sustainable construction and management of real estate.  

Madaster connects the Swiss construction and real estate industry to exchange know-how in digital and circular construction and by doing so, leverage the potential of closing material loops. This forms the basis for a shared understanding of how the standard for circular construction and property management in Switzerland can look in the long term.