As an owner of a private home you can make a dossier for a home and have all relevant data available in one location. There,  files such as drawings, (energy performance) certificates, colour codes, guarantee certificates, photographs, maintenance contracts, quotations, manuals can be stored. If a home needs maintenance or if you are planning a renovation, Madaster is the ideal platform for exchanging data between home owner and  service providers such as developers, suppliers and building contractor.  This way helps saving time as all the necessary data about a home is always available and accessible at your fingertips.

Madaster also provides material passports for homeowners. This passport is an indication of the impact of your home on the environment. The material passport contains all ‘ingredients’ of the building. This will enable the reuse of building materials when you no longer need them.

The Madaster online dossier can be used for many other purposes such as giving evidence of legality and compliance with regulations or obtaining financial benefits.

See how Madaster creates value in every stage of the building life cycle and what concrete use cases look like.


  • You get one dossier that contains all relevant, and up-to-date documentation on your home,
  • You can always access the online dossier of your home from any location.
  • The data in the dossier is completely secure. You determine with whom, and how you share this data.
  • The dossier is an insightful, well-organized data repository that will save you time planning the maintenance of your home and managing other related activities.
  • Your home dossier is the starting point for easy, cost-saving communication with companies that need information on your house such as insurance companies, banks, building contractors, maintenance suppliers, municipalities or security agencies.


Private Individuals

€19,95 Incl. VAT / year
Max. 1000 m2
Max. 1 standard user


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