The Madaster platform has a multitude of utilizations. From strict and basic storage of data, to supporting Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) reporting for multinational real estate investors. And from providing the technology to construction companies to create apps for buyers of residential homes to supporting circular business models based on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) data that is linked to Building Information Models (BIM).

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Case: Investment Fund

Insight into circular and financial residual value of materials within portfolio for customer and own use;

Respond to future requirements from legislation and certification;

Meet client's wish to gain more insight into (residual) value of materials based on circular ambition.

Case: SME real estate investor

Simplified asset management system (file per property, portfolio overview);

Support digital documentation for purchase/sales/maintenance;

Connection with partners for portfolio dashboards or maintenance planning.

Case: Municipality

Insight into stock of materials and products within municipal boundaries;

Insight into the degree of circularity of municipal real estate and infrastructure in the form of a Madastral area map;

Potential support of digital archive buildings.

Case: Hospital / University

Contribution to sustainability policy through efficient (re)use of materials;

Support innovative financing by limiting depreciation to material value (floor), type of material application and possibility of green bonds;

Increase proceeds from demolition and early adjustment of property.

Case: Private homeowner

Own housing file with all contracts, manuals, service agreements in one place;

Have demonstrable file to show 'healthy' home transparent in applied materials and products;

Be able to rely on a warranty in the event of e.g. a leaking roof or other defects in the use phase;

Demonstrable and transferable complete file for the mortgage lender an insurer in case of sale.

Case: Investment Manager / Developer

Making development and management activities more circular and cost-efficient through choice of material application;

Respond to future requirements from legislation and certification;

Able to finance innovation (e.g. green bonds) and possible link to green bonds.

Case: Architect

Digital tooling to support architectural legislative requirements (materials passport / MPG calculation / circularity index);

Use archive function to support digital documentation during design and construction;

Transfer the building dossier in Madaster to end customer upon completion of object.

Case: Real estate fund manager

Responding to future requirements from legislation and certification;

Applying secondhand material is key in reducing footprint (MPG);

Better / earlier use of residual value for planned renovation and / or demolition.

Case: large scale construction company

Support innovative construction with circular material, temporary construction, building as a service business model;

Uniform material registration on all construction activities;

Opening the service market (management, maintenance, adaptation & warranty) based on digital detail knowledge.