The platform allows architects and designers to meet their clients demands with clear decisions on material selection and design for disassembly and recovery. This gives them an edge over their competition. The platform facilitates designs with direct feedback on future value of materials and valuation of circularity.


The Madaster platform provides insight in content and quantity of building materials in structures, assisting construction companies in purchasing second-hand materials at a competitive price, in the right quantity, from a nearby location.

Connections to a wide variety of (local) product databases and regulation or certification enforced calculators, as well as the usage of company specific product libraries support the standard business processes of the building industry.

Madaster offers development companies a unique opportunity to connect all their suppliers to their development projects and deliver bespoke material passports and real estate dossiers to their tenants or buyers of their newly developed real estate. Through the Madaster registration, the development company can continue to service their clients and manage their suppliers based on highly detailed property data.


Increase the residual / re-use value of their structures. Where currently a building is depreciated to 0 value or even a negative value due to expected demolition cost, with Madaster, a building will be depreciated to a positive value representing the re-use or residual value of all materials and products in that specific building.

A building is used to live and work in. It hosts a living society that is in continuous change. Great buildings support its users in what they do and want. Changing demands from buildings should not lead to waste or loss of value. Changes, either they are planned as maintenance or result from changes in user demand, lead to material flows that can be monetized. Madaster provides the detailed knowledge on a continuous basis on what materials and products are used where. This data supports the reuse of materials, e.g. through offering materials and products on digital marketplaces for reused materials.

Besides using Madaster to manage the material flow during the use of the building, our partners can support you in creating connections to facility management, property management and building dashboard systems to assure up to date registrations.


The Madaster platform provides insight in content and quantity of building materials in construction objects, assisting deconstruction/demolition companies or the so called ‘material harvesters’ in making inventory at demolition sites and selling second-hand materials at a competitive price.

As Madaster supports the registration of a wide variety of construction data (including measurements and original construction models), deconstruction and harvesting activities can be scheduled remotely based on the digital twin. This increases efficiency and makes comparison between various approaches possible.


The Madaster platform supports marketplaces, construction, harvesting and deconstructing companies with detailed information about building materials to operate business models based on re-use of products and materials. The detailed material and product characteristics information increases the possibilities to utilize digital marketplaces. Especially because the information is available long before the physical materials and products become available, substantial time is available to match supply and demand and therefore maximize the reuse possibilities and market value.


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