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Madaster creates transparency about material assets by generating material passports of a physical object based on the registration of materials, components and products used. You receive insights in material content and the value of re-useable materials. Madaster serves as a ‘one stop access point’ to leverage property data and to meet and exceed ambitions across the full lifecycle of the object.

  • Financial: Information on content, quantity and location of second-hand building materials and increased re-use or residual value of materials in structures.
  • Environmental: Assistance in personal and corporate desires to reduce climate impact.
  • Regulatory: Adhere to national and international regulations regarding material passports, embodied carbon, toxicity, and circularity. 
  • Health: Information on toxicity of building materials will facilitate a healthier living and working environment.

See how Madaster creates value in every stage of the building life cycle and what concrete use cases look like. 

Madaster harnesses the power of data intelligence and collaboration to make the construction and real estate sector circular. We use open data standards to exchange stored data. Information on the application of materials will be preserved and will be available indefinitely.

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