Real Estate Owners

Madaster is the online-register for materials, components, and products applied in your real estate. It enriches your data, generates material passports for your building(s) and provides insight in the financial and circular valuation, toxicity and reuse potential of your property. Through Madaster, you can choose to access third party applications and services, like valuators, marketplaces for reusable material and property managers. All information is available online, securely, and conveniently for you and your internal and external relations.

See how Madaster creates value in every stage of the building life cycle and what concrete use cases look like.

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The Madaster platform is globally available. In the Netherlands and Switzerland, the platform functionality supports automatic registration and processing of construction data according to local classification systems. Outside these markets, the Madaster team is ready to support the registration of your assets on a project basis. Please mail or fill out the contact form to check the possibilities in your region.