Subscription plans

Have a look at our various subscription plans:


€100,- excl. VAT per year
Max. 2 users
Max. 1000 M2 GFA


€500,- excl. VAT per year
Max. 3 users
1000 - 5000 M2 GFA


€1000,- excl. VAT per year
Max. 5 users
5000 - 10000 M2 GFA


€2000,- excl. VAT per year
Max. 10 users
10000 - 20000 M2 GFA

Custom subscription

With larger subscriptions, the subscription price is decreasing further. For example, for 1.000.000 m2 of real estate, you pay € 25.000,- excluding VAT per year. Different subscriptions types apply to non-owners of real estate, depending on the number of users and the use of data. If you have questions about the subscription plans or if you are interested in the exact rates, please contact us so that we can be tailor-made for you.


For more information on Madaster, please phone +31 (0)85 065 7436, mail or fill out the contact form.