Madaster supports (semi-)public sector organizations in their roles of owners and administrators of real estate, and assists them in implementing their social agendas (people, planet, profit). Madaster offers public sector users an integrated data repository of the real estate they administer. All documentation on a real estate portfolio can be centrally stored, managed and communicated with internal and external parties.

Madaster automatically creates an up-to-date materials passport for every building that is documented. The more detailed the building information is, the higher the value and the greater the applicability of the materials passport. If there are 3D models available, you gain insight into the materials used, and their quantities. Additionally, the passport contains information on the quality of materials, their locations, and their monetary and circular value. This way, it becomes a lot easier to reuse materials, eliminate waste, and save costs on the use of materials. For each building separately, but also across buildings. Improved insight into the use of materials will stimulate the circular economy, and will result in improved design and building administration solutions.


  • You have one central, well-organized repository of your real estate data, which is stored securely, and indefinitely. From drawings to tender documents, from building administration contracts to applied components: you determine when, how and with whom you share data;
  • Direct insight into the applied materials and products of your real estate, the degree of circularity and the financial value of your real estate;
  • For every building, Madaster automatically creates an up-to-date, and detailed materials passport;
  • Your central portfolio, and the materials passports are the starting point for easy, cost-saving communications with third parties that need information on your real estate, like insurance companies, building contractors, maintenance suppliers, supervising authorities, and security agencies, as well as tenants and building occupants;
  • If your Madaster portfolio contains a number of buildings, you can search, analyse, controll, and administer your real estate both on building, and on portfolio level;
  • Your central portfolio and the materials passports are the starting point for improved decision making when implementing a social agenda.



€100,- Excl. VAT / year
Max. 1000 m2
Max. 1 standard user
Max. 1 read user


€500,- Excl. VAT / year
Max. 5000 m2
Max. 2 standard users
Max. 1 read user


€1000,- Excl. VAT / year
Max. 10000 m2
Max. 3 standard users
Max. 2 read users


€2000,- Excl. VAT / year
Max. 20000 m2
Max. 5 standard users
Max. 5 read users

Abonnement op maat

With larger portfolios, the subscription price will decrease further. For example, you pay for 1,000,000 m2 of real estate € 25.000, - excluding VAT per year. Interested in a customized plan? You can compose and conclude this yourself directly and easily.



For more information on Madaster, please phone +31 (0)85 065 7436, mail or fill out the contact form.