Vision, mission, aims

We consider the Earth as a closed system where there should not be any waste. Raw materials are scarce. In order to keep materials available indefinitely, they need to be reused, and their use must be documented. “Waste is material without an identity.”

It is Madaster's mission to eliminate waste by providing materials with an identity. The Madaster Platform functions as a public, online library of materials in the built environment. It links the identity of materials to a location and registers this in a materials passport. Through the materials passport, materials keep their identities, changing every building into a depot of materials with a certain value.

A materials passport gives insight into the materials used to create a building, and into their quantities. Additionally, the passport contains information on the quality of materials, their locations, and their monetary and circular value. This way, it becomes a lot easier to reuse materials, minimize waste, and to reduce the cost of material consumption. Improved insight into the use of materials will stimulate the circular economy, and will lead to better design solutions.

Madaster is an independent platform with free access for everyone: from private individuals, to companies, governments, and scientific organisations. In this capacity, Madaster is part of an ecosystem of initiatives and innovations that facilitate the transition to a circular economy.



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