Governance Model

Madaster aims to deliver societal impact. To safeguard this ambition, supervision is organized through a non-profit Foundation while the provision of the solution is based on a business model that ensures financial stability. Through financial stability, functional and geographical development can be facilitated, just as market standard reward for professional services, capital provision and a level playing field pricing policy.

Madaster Foundation

The Madaster platform is an initiative of the Madaster Foundation, a Dutch non-profit foundation with a public interest status (ANBI). In the vision of Madaster Foundation, waste can be eliminated in the real estate sector by giving materials an identity through a Material Passport. The Madaster Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that supervises Madaster services.

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madaster services

Madaster Foundation has outsourced the development and management of the Madaster Platform to an implementing organisation: Madaster Services. The central, global data platform assures global alignment and consistency. It facilitates efficiency with respect to development, maintenance, and security.

Madaster Services provides the platform and its development, operational processes, communication, and training toolkits. Madaster Services Global is directed by two directors who consult with the Madaster Foundation on the policies to be implemented and represent Madaster globally. The directors are appointed in consultation with the Madaster Foundation.

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Martijn Oostenrijk

Ronald Eleveld


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