• “Waste is material

    without an identity”

    T.M. Rau

  • “Every building is

    a material depot”

    T.M. Rau

  • “Write down instead

    of write off”

    T.M. Rau

It is Madaster's mission to eliminate waste by providing materials with an identity. The Madaster Platform is designed as a public, online library of materials in the built environment. The Madaster Platform facilitates registration, organisation, storage and exchange of data. Madaster carefully focuses on privacy, security and continuity.


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As a private individual, you can create a central dossier for your home, and have all relevant data available in one location at all time. You can store your drawings, (energy performance) certificates, colour codes, manuals, etcetera... Read more

Madaster provides a central archive for designers and builders. During the building process, all relevant documentation can be stored, viewed and shared by all parties involved... Read more

Madaster provides you, as a property owner, one central data repository for all your real estate. Additionally, Madaster generates your up-to-date and detailed materials passport for your real estate... Read more

Madaster contains a rich and growing library of building-specific information on materials, components, and products. This information is managed in strict confidence, safely and securely. Through Madaster Data Services this data is offered anonymously to service providers ... Read more

Madaster supports (semi-)public sector organisations in their capacity as owners and administrators of real estate. Furthermore, Madaster assists them in realising the social agenda (people, planet, profit)... Read more